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Worker Safety Services We Provide:

1.  Developing a Confined Space Program

2.  Developing a HAZCOM (Hazard Communication) Program

3.  Developing a Forklift (PIT) Program

4.  Developing a Blood Borne Pathogen Program

5.  Developing an Electrical Safety Program

6.  Developing a Return to work Program

7.  Developing a Slip, Trip, Fall (Walking working surfaces)Program

8.  Developing an Ergonomics Program

9.  Developing a New Employee Safety Orientation Program

10.  Developing a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program

11.  Developing a Machine Guarding Program

12.  Developing an Accident Investigation Plan

13.  Developing an Emergency Evacuation Plan

14.  Developing Hearing Conservation Program

15.  Developing a Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) Program

16.  Setting Up a Post Offer Pre-Employment Screen

17.  Training employees and staff in all of the above programs

Services can be tailored to your needs!